What is a bail bond?

A bail bond is a contract between the court and a licensed bail agent that states the bail agent will ensure the appearance of an arrested individual for all required hearings or pay the face amount of bail to the court.

How does bail work?

If an individual is arrested and bail is set by the court, the individual can secure his/her release while the case is pending by placing cash or property equal to the face amount of the bail as collateral with the court. Once the case is concluded, the court will return the collateral to the depositor.If the arrested individual does not have cash or property sufficient to cover the face amount of bail, they can use the services of a bail agent or “bondsman.” The bail agent agrees to secure the release of the accused individual in return for a fee 10% of the face amount of the bail. The arrested individual is also required to provide a co-signor that will take responsibility for the face amount of bail.Once the fee has been negotiated and a co-signor agrees to take responsibility for the bail, the bail agent delivers the bond to the jail and the arrested individual is released from custody.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Western Union, personal checks, money orders and cash.

Do I get my money back?

The bail bond fee is non-refundable once the arrested individual is released from jail. Fees are also non-refundable regardless of whether the courts file formal charges against the arrested individual.If, for some reason, the jail does not release the defendant after bail has been posted, all monies are refundable to the individual who delivered them to the agency.


What are the co-signor’s responsibilities?

The co-signor has two (2) primary responsibilities. First, the co-signor is agreeing to the arrested individual’s required court appearances. Second, they agree to pay the face amount of bail if the arrested individual does not appear for a required hearing.

What are the arrested individual’s responsibilities?

The arrested individual is responsible for appearing in court on all required hearings. Some arrested individuals are also responsible for paying the fees due for the bond.


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